A difficult time for all involved but we cannot be grateful enough for everyone’s support during these uncertain times. It is only fair that the support you have given us, we then passed it onto those in greater need.

During the first lockdown, a tough time for all, we felt we just had to do our part. Thus, we provided food equating to over 6750 meals and on top of that, we had also donated over £2,500 in cash to those in desperate need.

Following on from the unexpected announcement of the second lockdown, we quickly took action and we were able to MAKE A DIFFERENCE yet again! We took the opportunity to feed OVER 730 people and make an impact on their lives especially during the harsh winter months.

Be rest assured that when you support us, Umami Street Food & DESI, know that we are supporting the people who truly rely on our help.

Thank You & Much Love!
 Umami Street Food & DESI – Old India Cafe